Bidford Allotment Association

Bidford Allotment is situated on Salford Road. This page provides information about Bidford Allotment Association, including committee members and contact details.

The Bidford Allotment Association AGM will take place on Monday 24th October at 7.30pm in the Parish Meeting Room. You can view and download a copy of the invitation by clicking this link (opens PDF).

Bidford Allotment Association
Riverside Allotments
Salford Road
Bidford on Avon


Committee members:

  • Malcolm Dewsbury – Chairman
  • Kirsty Bax – Secretary
  • Sue Reeves – Treasurer
  • Heather Blake
  • Alison Giles
  • Wayne Gould
  • Phil Withers

    Click here to view and download the Memorandum of Understanding between Bidford Allotment Association and Bidford Parish Council (opens PDF)


    Minutes of Meetings

    4 September 2022 (opens PDF) Click here

    7 August 2022 (opens PDF) Click here

    10 July 2022 (opens PDF) Click here

    19 June 2022 (opens PDF) Click here

    8 May 2022 (opens PDF) Click here

    31 October 2021 (opens PDF) Click here

    Allotment Committee AGM on 18 October 2021 (opens PDF) Click here

    12 September 2021 (opens PDF) Click here

    SGM held on Thursday 26th August 2021 (opens PDF) Click here

    Allotment Committee Duties:

    • Inspection of allotments.
    • Allocation of plots and reducing size where possible.
    • Ensuring allotments are maintained.
    • Replacing vandalised locks and fittings.
    • Maintenance of back access hedge.
    • Clearing debris and preparing for new tenant.
    • Issue of tenancy agreements.
    • Maintaining notice boards with interesting info for plot-holders.
    • Collection of deposits and rent.
      Issue of rent demands and collection of monies.
    • Maintaining database of tenant addresses and contact numbers.
    • Maintenance of plot holders correspondence and plot photographs.
    • Hand distribution of correspondence to those without computers.
    • Issue of 30 day, 14 day and eviction notices.
    • Talking to plot holders to establish any problems or help needed.
    • Maintenance of bank account and payments of monies to the Parish.
    • Preparation of annual accounts.
    • Organising annual meetings.
      Attending regular committee meetings and maintaining minutes.