Big Meadow – Project Update

As agreed last autumn the Parish Council is working on a long term plan for Big Meadow.  Having listened to residents you will know that we decided to hire specialist consultants (Leaves of Green) who have a great deal of experience with public parks, school playgrounds etc.  They’ve listened to the issues and provided a summary, and are working on proposals which will be put to a public consultation so that all residents can have an input.  We’re aiming for the consultation to take place by early summer.   In the meantime, as agreed, we are not making piecemeal decisions.  So this summer nothing will change except for a temporary post and rope section at the far end of the Meadow to prevent cars from driving across the field where children want to play football etc.

There have been barbecues on Big Meadow for many decades and to ban them now would be making a piecemeal decision.  In addition to the messages on Facebook we have had feedback from many residents who say they want to keep the barbecues – so we’re reserving judgement until the consultation on the whole of Big Meadow.

The toilet refurbishment is ongoing.  Initial architect drawings have been produced and the working group has requested further drawings with other options to be considered.  Once plans have been consulted on and agreed we will need to apply for planning permission.

These are being kept the same for the time being until we see how this summer works out.  Money taken for parking benefits ALL residents by paying for the upkeep of Big Meadow, making it free for residents, and enabling the Parish Council to keep the precept down.   Note: Mindful of the cost of living challenges, the Parish Council is not increasing the precept this year.