Lloyds Bank Mobile Service vehicle

Lloyds Bank Mobile Service in Bidford from Monday 26th October

Lloyds Bank is offering its Mobile Service, on a fortnightly basis. It will be there this Monday 26th October between 10.00 -12.00 at the Crawford Memorial Hall Parking (bowling club end). The next visit will be on 2nd November and fortnightly thereafter. Please ensure you use it or we risk losing it.

UBUS banner image

UBUS – improved service starting 26 October

UBUS is a community transport service that operates on a dial-a-ride basis. From Monday 26 October, the UBUS will offer a much improved service. The service is for residents of Stratford-on-Avon district, who cannot access public transport because of mobility issues or live in an area with limited or no public transport. Please click the link below to view and …

Trim Trail sign in Broom

Upgrade of the Kings Lane Play Area, Broom

At its meeting on November 2019, held in Broom Village Hall, Council approved the purchase and installation of a Trim Trail on the Kings Lane Public Open Space as well as fencing the basket ball court.  The decision was based on the results of a survey carried out in Broom as to the best use of monies from a Section …