Community Safety Partnership Statement

A spokesperson from the Community Safety Partnership, said: “We are sure many of you will have seen media coverage where an off duty West Midlands Police officer assaulted a woman in Bidford last year. We are aware that Warwickshire Police has apologised to the victim that the initial response to investigating the incident was not as swift as it should have been and they would welcome the opportunity to work with the victim to help improve its service for future victims.”

“In light of this isolated incident and wider coverage, Warwickshire Police and partners have highlighted their commitment to playing their part in bringing about meaningful change around women’s safety.”

“As a community safety partnership, we fully support this objective and will work with the communities in Bidford and across the district to ensure they remain safe places to live, work and visit.”

“Fortunately, this was an isolated incident and Bidford remains a very safe place to live. However, we understand the impact this can have on local community confidence and it can raise safety fears in the community. All of the partners in the community safety partnership, which includes your District and County Councils, Warwickshire Police and others, are committed to working together to rebuild confidence and to ensure it doesn’t diminish the reputation of Bidford and the wider community as a safe and happy place to live.”