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Bidford-on-Avon Parish Council

Bidford-on-Avon Parish Council

Bidford Senior Citizens Action Network (SCAN)

Bidford Senior Citizens Action Network

Floral arrangements by members of the Gardening Society

The Bidford Senior Citizens Action Network (SCAN) group aims to encourage older people to keep informed about issues which are relevant to them.

SCAN raises awareness of services available to older people and how to access those services. Through inviting private, public and voluntary sector organisations to the meetings, SCAN groups give older people a chance to have their say and influence services. SCAN groups are a way for older people to maintain social connections and be part of their local community.

Meetings take place every two months and provide an opportunity to have a chat and a cuppa with other local people.

If you are retired and would like to know more about services available to you or would just like to get out a bit more please come along to the next meeting. See the Events page for details.

More Information

For further information about SCAN, please contact Marie Darwen on 01789 260108.