Your Village, Your Voice – April Update!


Several steps have already been taken towards a parish recreation strategy, and more are being developed:

  • The walking and cycling sub-group has carried out its first site visit, reporting on the state of the path from Bidford Library to Broom
  • The next most popular outdoor activity – canoeing – is forming its own working group with a view to developing a new canoeing club
  • The most popular indoor interest – swimming – has been boosted by a private planning application (Stratford District Council reference 22/00165/FUL) for a 10m pool on Waterloo Park industrial estate, initially for swimming lessons and aquafit but other uses are possible


  • Volunteer club organisers with arts and crafts interests are being invited to a first Zoom meeting on April 27th, everyone welcome
  • A meeting about potential new football pitches is being planned for early May
  • A first draft of the recreation strategy is under preparation for the end of June

Discussions with community venues are under way to determine space available for exercise classes and many other suggested indoor activities.

To find out more and get involved, please come along to one of the next three meetings on Zoom. You can also contact the parish clerk on, or email directly to the project manager on – we look forward to hearing from you.

Photo credit – Mark Thrushton


Following a call to British Canoeing there has been an early meeting of people interested in developing a canoeing club to complement the youth canoeing that has already been supported by the youth centre.

256 people reported interest in canoeing or kayaking during the recreation survey last year. Anyone interested in joining a new Bidford canoeing club is welcome to come to our Zoom meeting on April 26th from 5 pm to discuss the next steps:

Click on this link to join the Canoeing Club Zoom meeting

Meeting ID: 814 7699 6982
Passcode: 422889



In addition to existing groups, there are suggestions for new activities such as:

  • Art / drawing / painting lessons
  • Crafts for all ages
  • Flower arranging
  • Pottery

190 people reported interest in arts & crafts during the recreation survey last year. Anyone interested in helping to develop new activities is welcome to come to our Zoom meeting on April 27th from 7.30 pm:

Click on this link to join the Arts & Crafts Zoom meeting

Meeting ID: 861 3244 8324
Passcode: 020835

Photo credit – British Cycling


262 people reported interest in walking during the recreation survey last year, and 224 for cycling. There were also many comments made about potential improvements to the walking and cycling network around the parish.

The parish council has approved the terms of reference for a walking and cycling sub-group, reporting to the main Your Village Your Voice working group. Proposed sub-group activities include:

  • Mapping all the current routes in the parish
  • Organising improvements to the routes where needed e.g. cutting back overgrowth
  • Consulting with the village including the existing walking and cycling groups around emerging findings
  • Extending the network where possible and required
  • Publishing local walking and cycling routes for everyone to enjoy

Anyone interested in joining the sub-group is welcome to come to our Zoom meeting on May 10th from 4 pm, which will be followed by our second planned walk:

Click on this link to join the Walking & Cycling Zoom meeting

Meeting ID: 889 5051 3690
Passcode: 870397