What is Arty Avon?

  • Arty Avon is a not for profit, community group based in Bidford on Avon run by Lisa & Amy under the auspices of Arty Folks.
  • It's a relaxed, friendly group whose aim is to share the love and passion for arts and crafts of all types and reduce loneliness.
  • No need to book - just pop along.
  • Each week group members have the opportunity to take part in arts and craft taster sessions or you’re welcome to bring your own projects you are working on or use the group resources.
  • You can find out details of taster sessions and dates on social media or drop us an email ( to be added to our weekly newsletter.

When and where do we meet?

  • We meet every Monday between 1-2.30pm.
  • We are only closed on bank holidays and open all year round the rest of the time. It’s important for us to always have a place that people can come and create together.
  • Location is the Church Hall/ Room opposite St Laurence Church in Bidford on Avon

How much does it cost?

  • Thanks to grant funding secured into early 2024 the group is FREE.
  • Small donations towards group costs are always welcomed by those who are able to contribute and all money goes back into the group.
  • Expert, bookable sessions are often FREE or at a significantly reduced rate thanks to grant funding. Re-explore sessions always run at the same time if you are not booked onto the expert session that month.

Are there refreshments?

  • Refreshments are available in the hall kitchen for you to help yourself to.
  • Tea, coffee, squash and water available.
  • Fruit, cake and biscuits usually available

What ages are group members?

  • All 18+ are welcome.
  • We have a vast array of ages from 19 to 90s.
  • Members tell us it’s one of the things that they love about the group, how diverse the age range is.

Is it just women?

  • Absolutely not, but there are currently more female members. Lots more scope to even things up!

I’ve never done any arts and crafts before - is the group suitable for me?

  • Absolutely - the group will be perfect for you. We have lots of craft taster sessions which are suitable for complete beginners.

I’m a skilled creative - would the group be suitable for me?

  • Totally. We run a range of opportunities so there are arts and crafts you may not have tried.
  • We also encourage other group members, if they feel comfortable, to support others. So if you have a skill that you’d like to share we’d love you to.

I’m not creative - do I need to be?

  • This is something we hear from lots of group members when they first start at the group. You will be amazed how your creativity increases by having the opportunities that Arty Avon provides.
  •  Lisa & Amy who run the group are always on hand for ideas and other group members are great at sharing ideas too.

What’s a ‘Taster Workshop’?

  •  This is our main type of session. There will be resources available for you to try a new craft either independently or in small groups with tuition. Go with what suits you.
  • You are more than welcome to bring along your own project from home if you prefer.
  • We have a growing bank of resources that you can use to make your own projects such as needle felting resources, iris folding, a range of paints, wire art resources etc.
  • These sessions are suitable for all abilities.

What’s an ‘Expert Session’?

  • Usually, once a month we have a visiting creative who comes along to share their expertise with us.
  • These are suitable for everyone including complete beginners.
  •  These sessions are often free or at a significantly reduced cost thanks to grant funding.
  • Booking is essential for these sessions as places are limited.
  • 'Re-explore' sessions (more on these later) always run concurrently so you can still craft away during these sessions if you are not booked on.
  • Expert sessions are advertised to newsletters subscribers and during Arty Avon sessions first and then on social media channels.

What’s a ‘Re-explore Session’?

  • We have a growing bank of resources that you can use to make your own projects such as needle felting resources, iris folding, a range of paints, wire art resources etc.
  • If you missed a taster session then we often have left over resources for you to have a go at these.

How do I sign up to the newsletter?

  • Email Lisa & Amy at and let us know you’d like us to add you.
  • Newsletter is sent out once a week on the weekend.

Upcoming 2024 Events


  • 8th - 'Re-explore' Session
  • 15th - Taster Session - Tin Art
  • 22nd  - Taster Session - Rubber Stamping
  • 29th - Taster Session - Beeswax Candle Making


  • 5th - Taster Session - Iris Folding
  • 12th -  'Re-explore' Session
  • 19th  - Taster Session - Macrame
  • 26th - Taster Session - Wet Felting


  • 4th - Taster Session - Make a Flower Fairy
  • 11th -  'Re-explore' Session
  • 18th  - Taster Session – Weaving