The Parish Council have begun a project to determine what can be done to meet the recreation needs of the expanding village population, currently over 6,300 people.

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The prize draw for the survey took place, via Zoom, on Monday 1st November @ 6.00 pm.

An interim report on the survey results has been posted below.

You will see there are now a number of next steps for the project:

  • Completing the analysis of the 414 survey responses
  • Confirming the future plans of the parish’s existing venues and clubs
  • Visiting potential sites for future facilities
  • Preparing the first draft of a Parish Recreation Strategy including proposals for involving all the volunteers to help deliver the strategy
  • Presenting the draft strategy to a public meeting
  • Keeping residents informed and involved as the project develops


This section will provide an archive of all reports published by the Parish Council.

Click here to view the interim report on the Parish Recreation Survey 25 October 2021 (opens PDF)

Recreation Survey

Report made to the Parish Council at its September Parish Council Meeting.

Bidford-on-Avon Parish Council are researching what the village requires to meet the recreation needs of our growing community - both sporting and leisure, indoors and outdoors - all of which help to promote local health and wellbeing.

Survey forms have been delivered to every household in the parish, but 233 households have already replied to the survey online.

Emerging results include:

  • Considerable interest in better walking and cycling routes, which matches the current best-used locations
  • Already 11 offers of help with new clubs including fitness and dance fitness for all ages, which matches 83 households already interested in exercise classes
  • Nearly 60% of households responding to the survey so far consider the parish needs a new leisure / youth activity centre

Following the analysis of hard copy as well as online responses, a more detailed report will be presented to the parish council meeting on Monday 25th October. This will lead into further discussion about a recreation strategy for the parish, when a number of aspects will be reviewed including:

  • The unmet demand for local recreation
  • Interest in forming new sporting clubs
  • Facilities to meet the demand – a combination of improvements to existing facilities and the potential for new facilities
  • Access requirements – both in terms of individuals, and location within the parish including cycle and walking links to existing and potential sites
  • The viability of any proposed new facilities in terms of usage and running costs, and options for long-term management
  • Design implications in response to climate change

The parish council would like to record its thanks to all the local businesses that have kindly given prizes for the prize draw, which will be drawn in October (date TBC) and the winners informed personally.

Long-term residents of Bidford will have noted the population increase over time:

  • 1971 – 2,822 (census)
  • 2001 – 4,830 (census)
  • 2011 – 5,350 (census)
  • 2019 – 6,316 (estimate, to be confirmed by the 2021 census)

The Parish Council have appointed experienced parish clerk Andrew Maliphant to take the project forward, with a remit to:

  • Quantify the recreation needs of the expanding village population
  • Consult with current clubs and venues about their own aspirations
  • Review local green sites
  • Help to develop recreation facilities as shown to be required
  • Involve all local residents in the process

A survey of youth requirements in 2019 concluded:

  • Responses from the consultation identified gaps in community provision for young people, particularly teenagers.
  • A new Youth Centre will help to address this gap.
  • Not all young people will want to attend a Youth Centre; a Youth and Engagement Leader will be able to identify other suitable activities for young people and help to integrate young people into existing activities.
  • Another clear priority was a desire across all age groups for increased access to physical and outdoor activity, with many ideas for activities being promulgated.Big Meadow Welcome Sign

The next step is to send a wider recreation survey to every household in the parish, to collate the needs and aspirations of all local residents, many of whom have arrived in the parish since 2019. The results of the survey will be used to prepare a draft recreation strategy for the Parish Council to discuss with parishioners during Autumn 2021.

For further information please contact Mrs Elisabeth Uggerløse the Parish Clerk on 07718 628925 or via – we look forward to being in touch.